Who Called The Prius “The Most Important Car of The Last 20 Years”?

September 12th, 2018 by

In a recent article, Business Insider’s Matthew DeBord made a pretty bold statement regarding the Toyota Prius, which saw its 20th birthday back in 2017. DeBord says that despite all the wonderful cars in the history of automobiles, only the Model T and Prius can hold the claim to being groundbreaking.

“Sorry, Mustang. Sorry, Corvette. Sorry, Tesla Model S. The Ford Model T created the mass-market motorcar. And the Prius perfected it for the 20th century,” DeBord explains.

A pretty lofty claim, but he does add some supporting evidence, saying that since the launch of the Prius in Japan in 1997, Toyota sold 4.3 million units. According to sales data, cumulative hybrid sales, including 36 other Toyota and Lexus models, have grown to 11 million. This also marked 1.5 million sales this year, and Priuses make 220,000 of that number.

When you think about hybrid sales, it’s easy to see how Toyota, and the Prius in particular, stand out a lot compared to other options. Honda is in the second slot, with only 2 million hybrids sold, which matches the total sales of all other major carmakers.

Those sales mean a lot, and as electric cars begin to grow in popularity, there may be a valid point that it all started with the Prius.

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