Led By One Of The Original Creators, The Toyota Supra Makes A Comeback!

August 15th, 2018 by

It’s been four decades since the first Toyota Supra was unveiled. Now, one of the most iconic and beloved cars in Toyota’s history is returning. Introducing the 2019 Toyota Supra!

The fifth generation Supra was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, following a long history of innovative, stylish, and most of all, fun sport cars. The first Toyota Supra introduced was in 1979, then called the Toyota Celica, a 110-horsepower classic that marked the first electronic fuel injection in a Toyota engine. Next was the stunning Toyota Celica Supra Mark II, which brought with it a new design and an increase in horsepower to 145. The Celica name was dropped in 1986 with the Toyota Supra Mark III, and was followed by the Mark IV in 1993, both of which brought with them better performance and a creative design.

The 2019 model will be all you remember, thanks to the same man who created the ’86 model, Tetsuya Tada, who’s leading the charge in developing this year’s model. But, like the four generations before it, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any new features to look forward to.

A turbo inline-six front-mounted Toyota engine is confirmed to be under the hood, expected to give you about 335 horsepower and 332 lb/ft of torque. That’s on par with the Lexus F series, however the Toyota Supra will weigh about 400-600 lbs. less. This efficiently light model is made possible by advanced lightweight materials throughout the body, giving the new Supra an expected 0-60 of around 4 seconds. If you’re someone who loves the sound of a non-hybrid powertrain, the All New 2019 Toyota Supra is expected to be the last present from Toyota in which you can still enjoy a pure petrol engine at high revs.

The design of the new Toyota Supra is based on a compact, two-door layout. Tada also gave the new Supra a sleek, modern look, making it look as stylish as it is fast. However, Tada explains “We wanted to make it so at a glance you recognize it…There were some focal points or cues of the design taken from the previous Supra.” The 2019 Supra will definitely give you a feeling of nostalgia but with a fresh look you won’t be able to get enough of!

You can expect the all-new Supra to be available sometime in the first half of 2019, and we can’t wait! “I believe that when it goes on sale next year it will be the most fun-to-drive car in its class,” remarks Tada.

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