Toyota Financial Services: Civic 50 Ranked as One of The Most Community-Minded Companies

July 6th, 2017 by

For the third consecutive year in a row the Points of Light Foundation has named

Toyota Financial Services one of the most community-minded companies.

Toyota Financial Services is proud to be on the Civic 50 as a longstanding corporate social

responsibility leader and innovator. Toyota Financial Services dedicates their

resources to help empower and improve its supporting communities. Miami-Dade

County’s own Kendall Toyota is a contributing Toyota dealership for Toyota

Financial Services latest achievement.

The Civic 50 list consists of fifty U.S public and private companies that are

generating $1 billion or more in revenues. The ranking companies featured on the

Civic 50 list are chosen after being evaluated in four dimensions of their community

engagement activities.

– Investment: Companies being considered for the Civic 50 are going above

and beyond in the extent and amount of strategy applied to their resources.

Some resources in the investment dimension can be cash, in-kind giving,

leadership, skills, etc. It is important for companies to make the biggest

impact in the community with the most efficient resources.

– Integration: The Civic 50 considers how well companies integrate key

business functions and community engagement programs.

– Institutionalization: Civic 50 companies are partially selected on how well

their organizational policies, incentives, and systems support community


– Impact: The fourth dimension the Civic 50 considers is Impact. Impact is a

dimension that measures the impact of the community programs. It

considers the social impact and the business impact.

The Civic 50 is the only survey or ranking system that studies corporate

involvement in communities. Toyota Financial Services makes community

engagement programs a priority within their business model. Corporate Social

Responsibility should be clearly understood by businesses and members of every

community. Working together we can be so much more inspirational while creating

the most meaningful impact in our community.

So what is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Companies are held to certain standards and expectations that positively affect

environmental and social wellbeing. These standards are usually the minimum

requirements for maintaining stability in the environment and community.

Companies that are awarded for their corporate social responsibility are usually

ones that go above and beyond the requirements. The requirements are usually put

in place by regulators or environmental protection groups.

Going above and beyond with corporate social responsibilities empowers

communities to improve rather than just maintain or stay the same.

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