Drive Off in the Impressive New Toyota Camry in Miami From Kendall Toyota

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Car buyers must consider a multitude of factors when selecting an ideal new vehicle. For any style of vehicle, reliability and durability are both important because this ensures the vehicle is a worthwhile investment. In the changing world today, fuel efficiency is becoming more and more important to save money and allow drivers to be a better steward to the earth. Drivers wish to have a vehicle that has smooth handling and a powerful engine that is complimented by an appealing look. For drivers that wish to purchase a mid-size sedan, the Toyota Camry presents an incredible option. Drivers interested in a Toyota Camry in Miami, FL should check out Kendall Toyota for a host of used and new Toyota models and more.

Camry Safety

A Complete and Comfortable Interior

Owners of the Camry have a vehicle with an interior designed to aid every passenger have the best possible automotive experience. In a driving experience, it is most important that the driver is comfortable so that the whole party reaches their destination safely. To give the driver a fantastic experience, the seat is 8-way power-adjustable. The power lumbar support further enhances the experience, so the driver is supported. On colder days, touching a leather seat can be frigid but this issue is negated by the power heating offered by the seat. Another important aspect of interior appeal is the sound system. The JBL Green Edge audio system provides an answer here. With ten speakers throughout the vehicle, the sound quality is crystal clear and smooth to the ears. The system includes speakers in eight locations plus a subwoofer and amplifier. In select models, wood grain accents are on certain touch points throughout the vehicle to add to the experience and luxury of the Camry. Also relating to the sound, the Camry has a pleasantly quiet ride so everyone inside can feel peaceful and undisturbed by the sounds outside. Using sound-imaging instruments the engineers were able to determine where vehicle noise was highest and install certain features so lower these sound levels. Allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road is crucial to the safety of the vehicle. The steering wheel was designed with controls on it so the driver can control the Bluetooth features without ever taking hands off the wheel. Toyota respects the needs of drivers to hit the road as fast as possible sometimes. To do so, drivers may use the push to start button to quickly start their vehicle. The key fob never needs to be removed from a purse or pocket to start the vehicle.

Camry Interior

Smart Technology to Keep You Safe

Much of the technology inside the Camry helps the driver have a fun ride, but other features allow for a safer ride. Features like the blind spot monitor, backup camera, lane departure alert, and dynamic radar cruise control allow for this. The blind spot monitor will notify the driver anytime a vehicle has entered into their blind spot so they know they cannot change lanes. The backup camera allows for a much easier experience while reversing out of parking spaces because the driver can see exactly what is behind them without needing to guess. The lane departure alert will tell the driver if their vehicle has begun to shift into other lanes so they will not collide with other vehicles. Finally, the adaptive cruise control makes long drives easier than ever. The driver can set a preset distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. If the vehicle in front slows down, the Camry will respond by also slowing down. It will regain the preset speed once more distance has been created.

Camry Safety Feature

Your Toyota Camry in Miami, FL

In selecting a Toyota model, buyers are aware that they are selecting a vehicle from a manufacturer that strives to ensure buyers that the vehicle they are selecting will withstand the test of time. In addition to the fantastic supply of used and new Toyota vehicles, Kendall Toyota has great options for parts, services, and vehicle customization. Don’t miss out, select your Toyota Camry in Miami, FL today from Kendall Toyota!

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