Let’s Kaizen This The Toyota Way

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Toyota is a massive automotive manufacturer who uses the Japanese term, Kaizen, to continually improve the quality of their product and make changes for the better.
Toyota is committed to delivering the most innovative, reliable, and safe vehicles for our customers. In order to offer the best product we must ensure that our customers have the best experience. Delivering high quality products and proactively preventing problems is a large part behind the scenes of giving customers what they want. Whether it is in the production factories, the sales floor, the service department, or anywhere along the corporate ladder Toyota’s culture is influenced by the Japanese term, Kaizen.

Let’s Kaizen This

The concept of Kaizen is to empower the people who have the ability to change things for the better at every level of the company. Having trust and innovation embedded in Toyota’s culture empowers employees of all levels to work together and improve the end goal.

Employees of Toyota have the authority to stop the production system at any time if they see fit. To help prevent problems and improve efficiency at the end of the day the Toyota team meets to discuss problems or potential problems they observed that day. Keeping the flow moving forward is very important but so is the quality of what is being produced. Frequently revisiting current systems and operations helps keep things moving forward even if the production line is briefly stopped. If we can prevent problems from reoccurring then we can improve our customer satisfaction and the quality of the product.

Purchase Your New Vehicle The Kaizen Way:

When you come to Toyota to purchase a new or used vehicle you will be introduced to a Toyota professional. Their responsibility is to help you in any way they can. This means they should work together and listen to their customer in order to give the customer the information and help they desire.

Toyota believes that the people who are the closest to departments, process, or problems have the best solutions on how to make things flow smoothly. This means that your Toyota professional should know how to get you the best car for the best deal. To get the best deal on your new car you should work together with your sales professional, never against them. Working together to achieve the best results is already embedded into their culture and training. If you trust more and communicate better with those around you there is a good chance you will start to see things flow better in your life.

Let us Kaizen your automotive purchasing experience, contact Kendall Toyota today!

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