Making Rear-Seating Every Kid’s Dream

July 20th, 2018 by

Anyone who has ever ridden in a car knows about the rules of shotgun. First one to yell “shotgun” within sight of the vehicle gets the front seat. However, this raises a question – why does no one want the rear seats? The shotgun game has always given the rear seats a bad rap, but who ever said the rear-seating couldn’t be the best seats in the house?! The kids in the family always have to sit in the back, but they don’t deserve any less comfort, entertainment, and convenience than the adults. We think it’s time that things change. That’s why we’ve added new features to our latest lineup of Toyota vehicles to give kids a rear-seating they can be excited about!

For example, the 2018 Toyota Highlander’s interior is spacious enough to seat eight people, including reclining third-row seats. Naps in the back seat? What could be better on a long road trip! Additionally, why are heated seats usually only reserved for Mom and Dad? Aren’t the kids in the back just as cold as the parents in the front? Well, that’s no longer the case, second-row heated seating is now available as an additional feature on select Toyota vehicles!kid rear-seating

Also on the 2018 Toyota Highlander is an entertainment system front-seaters can’t help but be jealous of.  A 9-in. display screen lets the kids watch Blu-Ray Discs wherever you go in your Toyota. “What happened? Sorry, mom, you should’ve sat back here!” The Blu-Ray player also comes with RCA jacks, two wireless headphones, and a remote so the kids are always in control. And if that’s not entertaining enough, there’s two USB plugs in the back for the kids so they can constantly charge their mobile devices! No more fighting over that one USB port that’s conveniently located up by Mom and Dad.

Feel left out of the conversation? The new Toyota Highlander’s available Driver Easy Speak feature has a built-in microphone that picks up the voice up front and transmits it to the rear-seat passengers through the back speakers. And with Toyota’s Blind Spot Monitor, the driver will no longer have the need to ask the rear-seat passengers “Am I clear?” every 5 seconds (Dad thought that feature was for him, but it was actually for the kids in the back).

Toyota has also upgraded the safety features for rear passengers too, though we think that’s less of a concern to the kids and more to the parents! We added lower anchors and tethers on the outboard second-row seats and a tether anchor to the middle seat of the second and third rows for an added measure of safety. Toyota’s Roll-Sensing Side Curtain Airbags protect all rows in the event of a roll, and impact beams are located inside each of the doors to help reduce the chance of intrusion.

So goodbye, shotgun. The time of fighting your family over the passenger seat is over, and the time of fighting your family over the rear seats has begun! Now all we need is a name to call out instead of shotgun, any ideas?

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