Increase Your Car’s Trade In Value With These Easy Tips

June 26th, 2017 by

If you have ever wondered, “What’s my car worth,” and then wondered how to get more money for it? Here are the answers you are looking for. What you do to care for your vehicle during your duration of ownership can help you get a higher trade in value of your car. Trading in your vehicle when purchasing a new vehicle is usually the most efficient way to get cash or a credit for your current vehicle or existing loan. We all want to find the best deal on our new vehicle, which also includes getting the most money for our trade-in.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get the most money for your trade-in or car:

1. Keep up with services (mechanical & cosmetic)

Performing consistent and regular service for your vehicle, mechanically and cosmetically, can help its trade in value. Think of your used car as a used house. How does the front lawn look? The exterior paint? What is broken? For some of us it may be easier to recognize an unmaintained house versus an unmaintained car. However, an automotive professional knows what signs to look for and can usually always recognize a well cared for car. There is a good chance that an automotive professional will be the one handling the trade in value of your vehicle. Most reputable dealers, such as Kendall Toyota, are motivated to pay extra for nice, original, and clean cars that have been cared for.

Kendall Toyota has one of the best and most reliable service departments if you need some help on how to properly service your vehicle. Getting your car regularly waxed and detailed is also important. It is most important for the exterior paint, but also makes a lasting impact on the interior’s condition.

2. Consider the small things

It is common that our vehicles acquire regular wear and tear over time. If your car has any scratches, dents, door dings, etc. it can help your trade in value to repair them regularly. If you have neglected some things for your car and are about to trade it in soon, use this tip as a lesson for your next car. If we don’t regularly maintain our vehicle’s condition it can rack up a pretty hefty bill a few years later. Making major repairs or minor repairs will not always earn you more money for your car. Use your best judgment to take care of the most important small things and accept that the rest will lower the value of your car. If you try to catch up on all the maintenance it will likely cost you money rather than earn you money.

Train yourself to stop and take a good walk around your car once a month. If you pay more attention it will be easier to notice when your car needs some TLC. If you learn to know your car better you can stay safer on the road and maintain a higher value for it.

3. Appraise your cars trade in value

Kelley Blue Book is a helpful tool when trying to estimate your cars value. You should take into account the actual condition, mileage, upgrades, features, etc. Properly blue booking your vehicle is critical to getting the most realistic value. To get an even more realistic value visit the Kelley Blue Book official website. The KBB website can give you instant cash offer online from Kendall Toyota.

Similar to any retail market cars have a supply and demand factor that can affect their value. Dealerships appraisals will usually use the Kelley Blue Book value of your car, a current market value of your car, paired with a physical inspection. These are three main pieces used to generate your trade in value. Kendall Toyota strives to deliver our customers the best deal we can along with a hassle free experience. The dealership does not want to nickel and dime with you, just as you don’t want to nickel and dime with them. Being realistic about what your car is worth will help you see more clearly and make better choices when purchasing your new vehicle.

For help trading in your vehicle and buying a new one, contact us today!

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