Exploring the Aesthetic Splendor of the Toyota 4Runner

August 2nd, 2018 by

While you may agree that the practicality, functional ability, and safety standards of a vehicle are very important, you can’t deny that it is also important how it looks.  When you head out to the garage to look at your brand new Toyota, you don’t want to see something that you are unhappy with visually, just because it had great features.  The good news is, that when you go with the Toyota 4Runner you can be guaranteed to get the features and practicality you need while having an aesthetically stunning vehicle to call your own.


Let’s start with the most obvious: the color! Whether you want to be stealthy in black, weekend wild in a rugged red, or more refined with white, there is a large array of colors and trim arrangements to choose from, and you are sure to find a 4Runner combination which suits whatever you are after.


The accent options are a key component of setting the 4Runner apart from other vehicles and making it stand out, and these are different with each model.  The Limited offers refinement, with its chrome door handles and chrome grille, while others can come with black accents, silver painted roof rails, alternative front grille options, and your selection of unique external hard badges.


Alloy wheels come standard on your Toyota 4Runner and every grade has a unique wheel style to boost its aesthetic appeal, complete the look and keep it functional.  For example, the Off-Road features terrain ready 7-spoke wheels with black painted accents, while the Limited keeps it more sleek and stylish in 20 inch 6-spoke split wheels.


More than just an essential component for your safety and the safety of others, the lights can influence the aesthetics of the car, as well as offer additional conveniences when done right.  The 4Runner does this by offering projector-beam headlights, which offer a stronger and higher-focused beam, while the trim around them keeps them looking stylish. These become Daytime Running Lights as well, ensuring you are always visible. Likewise, the LED tail lights also have a distinctive look, adding practicality and improving the look of your vehicle.

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