Behind The Scenes of the Online Car Buying Experience

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Learn more about Kendall Toyota’s online car buying process.

Although online car buying services can save time and money, how secure is the process? Have you ever wondered what really happens when you “CLICK HERE” and search for information?

Kendall Toyota offers customers a secure and hassle-free online car buying experience. Start by browsing our huge online selection of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. Select the vehicle of your choice you want to purchase and enter the necessary details. This information ensures that the sales associate has the best contact information in order to respond to your inquiry. Now you encounter the “button” to proceed with the next step of your information search.

Ready to click it? Rev your engines and navigate the way to the finish line? Here’s behind the scenes details of what to expect.

 What happens when you submit online vehicle purchase inquiry:

Once you have submitted the inquiry online the Kendall Toyota Business Development Center or BDC department receives the information. The BDC department supports customers with any questions or concerns. Their job is to provide top-notch service and help deliver the best deal, hassle free. They will reach out to you and answer any and all questions you may have about the vehicle, including model specific details and leasing & financing options.

Throughout the process our advanced technology systems allow our representatives to document notes. This helps keep inquires in the fast lane and avoid any tickets. Our representatives may offer follow up emails or phone calls using notes based on previous conversations.

Some FAQs customers have are…

Can I trade-in a vehicle?

YES. Submit the information required to initiate a trade-in appraisal. Typically, this information would include your current vehicle year, make, model, mileage and current condition, which would be verified at the time that the trade-in was brought to the dealership.

Is it safe to purchase a vehicle online?

Anytime you make a purchase it’s important to verify the seller. This is especially important when purchasing a vehicle online. Kendall Toyota has been providing the Miami area with quality vehicles and service for over 40 years. We invest resources to help ensure secure online systems.

Still curious? Give us a call or try the process out. Find a vehicle online and start the process with Kendall Toyota!

Save time and purchase your next vehicle online!

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