A Lesson on Car Repair: Inspired by my Four-Legged Friend Halo

June 2nd, 2017 by

My two main titles in life are Dave the auto mechanic master and Dad to three kids with two legs and one with four legs. Oh and we can’t forget my third title as husband to my amazing wife! A few weeks ago my family and I had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Halo. I got Halo in 2004 and was told she was a Retriever and Labrador mix. As Halo grew into her body I learned there was some Chow in the mix as well. Halo would never bite or growl at anyone, I had so much trust in her. Reflecting on our journey together I am the most thankful for everything she taught me about life. Even though our animals can’t speak if you pay attention they are always trying to teach us something.

Halo spent massive amounts of time with me doing so many different activities. Whether I had my Dad hat on, Husband hat on, Mechanic hat on, or any other hat on, Halo knew what I was responsible for at all times. We didn’t need words to know each other better than anyone else and to have each other’s backs.

When I experience loss in life I always try my best to reflect positively on it. One way I do this is by thinking about what I learned from that relationship. Halo taught me that you know your dog better than anyone else. In search of more lessons from Halo I related this to my life as Dave the auto mechanic master. What it led me to was the similar belief that you know your car better than anyone else, even if you don’t realize it!

So What Does This Mean? Communicate With Your Mechanic!

There is no duplicate of your exact car anywhere. Even two cars that are the same year, make, and model are not identical. They are both cared for and driven on a different routine daily. This is what creates a cars character over time. It seems as if nowadays cars try to tell me things through their character. Kind of like Halo used to.

If you bring your car in for service, communicate what your expectations are.

To complicate the life of a mechanic, not only do we deal with different cars every day, but also different people. Everyone has a different definition for satisfaction that they should share. If you notice a rattle, or noise, or maybe even a blown speaker that is bothering you, tell your mechanic! If we do not know something is broken, we can’t fix it.

If you don’t tell your mechanic what you want you might get your keys back feeling unsatisfied. If you communicate better with your mechanic you can ensure yourself satisfaction all of the time.

Your Mechanics Number One Goal is Safety!

People often think the mechanic did not look at their car closely if they do not suggest non-safety related repairs. You must remember that our number one goal is to keep our customers and loved ones safe in their cars. There are so many pieces of maintenance that must be checked on every car. If they are neglected they can become hazardous to you and others on the road. Our job as a mechanic is to make sure we never miss a safety hazard. This means if you notice other repairs that you want done, just tell your mechanic! When my customers leave my shop satisfied, I am satisfied too.

Finding a trusted mechanic to service your car regularly will improve communication and familiarity between you and your mechanic. Over time your mechanic will learn your habits and know what is normal wear and tear on your car. This helps them have a better reference for what services are needed because they inspect your car more frequently. When you start to see the same mechanic you start to have an understanding for their work ethic. Over time you become more trusting of your mechanic and understanding of any outcomes

This will make servicing your car much more enjoyable. Typically people wait in distress for a larger than expected bill to come along with their car keys.

Generations are becoming more and more attached to their technology for communication. Your car is a piece of machinery that requires physical labor. It also requires verbal communication with the person responsible for fixing it. Do yourself a favor and find your own trusted mechanic.

What would it feel like to wait confidently for your car to be serviced, knowing that it is getting exactly what it needs?

Find out today; make me your trusted mechanic!

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