3 Reasons the 4Runner is a Great Family Car

August 2nd, 2018 by

If you have ever taken your kids on a long road trip, packing the whole family, suitcases, vacation toys and food into the vehicle, you’ll likely agree that it gets crowded pretty quickly, and it can make for a long ride.  With the right vehicle and the right seating arrangement however, you can get the trip off to a great start and set the scene for a restful family vacation.  Here’s how the Toyota 4Runner can help you out:

Seating Arrangement

With a third row seat that can be folded down when not in use, the options for seating are quite flexible when it comes to holding up to seven people. Stow the seat for more space for luggage or Beach equipment, or leave it set up to increase the number of guests you can take on your road trip. Even with all of the seats up, the leg room is generous and the trunk space can still pack a punch when it comes to holding all the family’s gear.

Driver Friendly

While the kids are having fun in the back, the 4Runner still looks out for the driver up front. From keyless entry and push-button start, to the backup camera and USB ports for charging phones and electronic devices, the vehicle is filled with technologically advanced features that offer ease of access and improved overall driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency

From family vacation to Mom and Dad’s taxi service, many people are mistaken when they assume that due to its size, the 4Runner is a gas guzzler and an expensive vehicle to own.  Realistically, this is not the case. Even with its family friendly space and size, the 4Runner offers great mileage and is environmentally friendly when it comes to emissions and reducing carbon output.  If you want to take your fuel mileage even further, consider our other family-friendly SUV, a hybrid Toyota Highlander.

To learn more about the Toyota 4Runner, be sure to visit the Kendall Toyota dealership in Miami or contact us by calling (305) 224-6876 to talk to a your friendly sales staff or arrange a test drive.

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