11 Unique Things That Drive The Toyota Brand

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For 61 years and counting the top-rated Toyota brand differentiates itself and achieves success in many ways. So how does Toyota operate and maintain a brand that delivers consistency, quality, satisfaction, personality, and so much more? Toyota’s recipe for success involves many ingredients that work together for the benefit of everyone. Kendall Toyota is proud to represent and share the Toyota culture of working as a team, delivering quality products, satisfying customers, and supporting the community. Check out 11 unique things about Toyota you should know!

#1 Caring for the environment since 1937

Do you know who the leading number 1 green brand is? That’s right, it’s Toyota. When compared to other brands Toyota’s commitment to innovating environmentally friendly solutions is clear. Toyota continues to lead its class earning the title as the leading Global Green Brand.  Caring for the environment and the people who rely on it is a responsibility Toyota values. Last year, Inter brand survey called Toyota the #1 green brand compared to others.

#2 The best-selling nameplate

Toyota has delivered over 30 million of the best selling nameplate, the Toyota Corolla.  The Corolla has achieved success being a reliable, practical, fuel-efficient, sporty, and all around five-star sedan. Its nameplates have been recognized as the best selling ones in the world.

#3 Commitment to innovation increasing R and D activities

The reputable Toyota brand continues to produce one of the best and most reliable vehicles. What’s their secret? Since 1937 Toyota has been motivated by the desire to innovate and produce a top-quality vehicle. Think about spending $1 million dollars every hour – that’s a lot of money. Every hour across the world Toyota spends $1 million on Research and Development activities. Their commitment to produce the best vehicle possible can be demonstrated by their R and D investments.

#4 Over 1,000 global patents

That makes Toyota the record holder for Highest Number of Patents. Toyota’s innovation plans include numerous amounts of new models in the near future. Consumer driven innovations and designs may be associated with the brands famous reputation. The release of upcoming Toyota models and innovations is highly anticipated.

#5 Top-quality award winning products

Toyota’s quality can be proven through satisfied customers, five-star reviews, and best-selling products. Many automakers compete to win the most Top Quality Awards; but are they designing products to win the award or to satisfy real consumers, people, and families? Toyota strives to deliver real satisfaction, safety, and quality for its consumers. Happy customers and awards have rewarded Toyota’s consumer-centric approach.

#6 Diverse culture operating in 170 countries

To justify the size of Toyota’s worldwide business let’s compare it to McDonalds. Whose worldwide operations are larger? McDonalds and other well-known chains may exceed 100 nations. Compare this to Toyota’s operations in 170 countries. Their operations scale goes significantly beyond many other brands.

#7 Creating opportunities for you

The Toyota brand represents an extraordinary group of people working together to deliver a safe and reliable product. Over 470,000 employment opportunities have been created in the U.S. by Toyota. Opportunity created by Toyota expands outside of the U.S. Nearly 12,000 jobs and 240 dealers are located in Canada alone.

#8 A first for everything

The 2018 Toyota Camry features a mandatory Bluetooth Hands-Free feature. Toyota is the first ever automaker to execute this mandate. The 2018 Toyota Camry highlights many other top safety features earning a top-rated spot in its class.

#9 Introducing the world’s first belt-less car

The new Toyota Camry Hybrid is making headlines with advanced features such as no seatbelts. Sounds impossible right?

#10 The most popular… in the world

After eight generations of production the Toyota Camry is one of America’s best-selling sedans. It’s best known and loved for its reliability, fuel-efficiency, comfort, and practical design.

#11 You are a priority

Toyota’s mission is largely motivated by the desire to go above and beyond to satisfy customers. As a family company we take pride in doing the right thing for others.

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