Creating My Soundtrack Of Life: Pressing Pause On My Musical Career

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Creating My Soundtrack of Life: Pressing Pause on my Musical Career

The music industry will always be a part of my life, but in the US it is not a hobby that makes money for me. When I lived in Cuba and Mexico music was my life, my job, and the one thing I was the most passionate about. I was teaching in two schools, involved in the orchestra, and recording with multiple people. The car business is very different from the music industry but has been one of the best opportunities in my life. As I witness an increasing amount of success I notice negative reactions from my friends, this can be confusing and even make you start to doubt your choices. Some of my friends lack an understanding for the real reason I came to the US. They don’t understand why I have put my musical career on pause to get my career in the car business off the ground.

My passion for music is still the same and everything I am doing now is to support the goal of having more time for my music. I loved spending everyday working in the music industry but I was still searching for more, not only for myself, but also for my family. When I made the decision to come to the US I knew that music would not be a way to generate enough income. I came here in search of safety, opportunity, and the ability to send money home to my family.  Every day that I am here away from my family I know that I must take advantage of every opportunity I uncover.

Testing out different careers and hobbies has allowed me to uncover other things I love

It has also kept my mind occupied, generated new ideas, and allowed me to grow as a person. Right now, my heart is committed to being the best person I can be, while making the most of my life, and caring for my family. For this reason I have accepted that I cannot change my friends opinions and I can’t let them bring me down either. I wish they would understand that my life is so much better here and when the timing is right music will come back into my life.

They say that the first year of selling cars is the hardest. I must agree with that. The other day I helped seven customers and worked sixteen hours and only sold one car. I was exhausted by the end of my sixteen-hour day, but I was satisfied knowing that I had given my all to every person. Since arriving in the US so many people have shown me selfless acts of kindness that have helped support me and keep me going through some of the toughest times.  I made a promise to myself that I would pay it forward by giving back selflessly to others.

There is no denying how much music means to me and it will always be a part of my life

The only person that can control my happiness is me. For this reason, I always remind myself of the basics that go into what makes me happy. If I can learn something new every day and grow my knowledge in more areas, I am happy. If I can share the knowledge with others and help them, I am even happier. The key to a successful career in the car business is helping people in the right ways. If I go out of my way to do that I will start to build my clientele with repeat clients and referrals.

Putting in the extra time now and laying the proper foundation for my life in the US will be critical in having more music in my life. For that reason, I am okay with being patient and watching the pieces come together. I always remain confident that my long work hours will pay off in the end. We always long for approval from those around us but it is not always going to be there. Understanding the full situation behind the decisions people make is important no matter what your relationship with them is. I offer this type of understanding to every single person I help.

If you are looking for a friend in the car business who understands your situation contact me today!

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